Arise Opportunities

This is a sneak peek into what the pay rates will look like.
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Project Industrysort descending Service Type Per Hour Revenue Per Call Revenue Per Minute Revenue Average Revenue Top Earners
Automotive and Aviation Customer Service $9.00/HR $11.00/HR $12.00/HR
Telecom, Media & Entertainment Customer Service & Software Tech Support $10.00/HR $11.00/HR $13.50/HR+
Travel, Transportation & Logistics Customer Service $8.50/HR $0.75/Call $9.00/HR $10.00/HR
Travel, Transportation & Logistics Non Trip Phone Customer Support $13.50/HR $14.00/HR $16.00/HR
Travel, Transportation & Logistics Inbound Sales and Customer Service $8.50/HR $10.00/HR $11.50/HR
Healthcare Customer Service $10.50/HR $11.00/HR
Energy and Utilities Inbound $10.00/HR $11.00/HR $13.50/HR+
Energy and Utilities Inbound Collection and Sales $10.50/HR $11.50/HR $12.50/HR
Energy and Utilities Billing Customer Service Calls $10.00/HR $11.00/HR $13.50/HR+



Commitment Adherence over 90% plus Avg. 15 hours a week = +.25 cent/hr

Commitment Adherence over 90% plus Avg. 30 hours a week = +.50 cent/hr