How is scheduling done? Are their any tips?

The way hours are done on Arise is a little tricky when you are getting started. You have 2 schedule selection days.


The first schedule selection day allows you pick a certain amount of hours for the following week(s), this amount is based strongly on your metrics. The only metric that is universally the same for all programs is your Commitment Adherence  (CA%). You never want this under 90% once your CA% dips under 90% it can take while to get back up and no matter how good your other metrics are you will be at the bottom of the pole when it comes to selecting your hours.


The second schedule selection day is usually 24 hours later and it nearly removes that initial cap so you can grab as many hours that are left over regardless of metrics.


Each program can have different schedule selection days and times, you want to make sure get that information from your instructor memorize it, set a reminder, or add it to you calendar. Always be 5 mins early to login to get your schedule and just refresh the page your at the schedule selection time.


When coming out of class you will have a small amount of hours you can select, you want make sure you make it to all your selected shifts, on time, without releasing a shift during the 48 hour lockdown phase. So schedule wisely it sets your flow going forward.  


In the event you have something come up and it is within 48 hours before you are to work, be sure to try and swap the hours.

Swapping is posting the hours back on the board hoping someone else will grab them, and take them off your hands. If successful these hours will not count against your CA%, if no one grabs them you are still responsible for them and it will still hurt your CA%


Make sure starmatic is set to your time zone